Rigid thermoplastic composite (PP + GF)

Benefits and characteristics

Fixings, etc. can be attached with for example PTZ screws. Low cycle time. ”One-step” process. The composite is light weight and allows a wide variety of surface materials. Sound and heat insulation can be integrated into part by using e.g. polyethylene foam.



Ideal for headliners and other trim parts for vehicles. It is also well suited for other interior panels as well as semi-structural parts. Currently used in co-operation with the vehicle industry, but other suitable segments are e.g. construction, and interior design.


Details, Technical data

  • Consists of polypropylene and glassfibre
  • Density: 1,12 g/cm³
  • Tensile strenght: 86 MPa
  • Flexural strength: 140 MPa
  • Typical max. part outer dimensions: 2300 x 1300 x 550 mm
  • Part thickness: 1,5-9,0 mm (thickness can vary only slightly within part)




All beige interiors manufactured with our composite process.